Light up your room.

Create a dramatic change in the room and get that instant ‘wow’ factor with vibrant uplights at your next event.

Enhance your room decor by adding uplights to your event.

Adding color and lighting brings life and excitement into your venue and not only changes the look of the venue, but changes the feel of the event. Our lights transform a room to give it that “WOW” factor when you and your guests walk in.​

What is it ?

LED lights that are strategically placed around the room, shining against the wall, a backdrop or even a brick feature wall. They are computer controlled and any color is achievable with their dynamic display of LEDs, so you will never have to worry about the color clashing with any décor.

How many ?

The number of lights required for LED uplighting can vary based on the number of guests, the size of the room and the type of arrangement. We have lit up a lot of venues, there is a good chance that we have lit up your venue before and we can answer that question for you.

Why us ?

There are many companies out there selling inexpensive overseas knockoffs that flicker and can be a fire hazard. We use industry standard uplights, they are tried, tested and true. You will get a beautiful color and a very high output, giving your walls a nice color wash and a wider area that is covered.

Next Level Lighting Effects

All our lighting effects are optimized to give you the best light show and vibe QC the dance floor

is the best deal in the city. Don't hesitate,

If you rent out our lights for $300. We including setup and take down.
This is the cheapest solution to get the most out of your venue!